Native flowering plants

The sense of smell is a hidden sense that provides simple 'nominal' data about the presence of qualitatively different odours in our surroundings. Thousands of species of plants in nature provide a multitude of fragrances, either directly or indirectly, which impinge upon this sense.


Aura is a scent vase, carrying a fragrance that has been extracted and developed from the Reseda flowers. The distinct opening at the top of the object flows into a narrow form before expanding to the base. It sends the smell wafting up the bottle and releasing it into the air. The work emphasizes human interaction with his environmental surroundings through the olfactory system.

The scent vase has been inspired by an ornamental Persian rosewater holder knows as “Ashkdan”.



Aura | 2019 | Scent vase

Porcelain  | 80 x 270   mm

Photography studio Ariane Shirvani