Sound waves engage one of the human senses and provide information about our surroundings. In nature, sounds are perpetual and dynamic property of all landscapes, generated by geophony (nonbiological) or biophony (biological) sources. Indeed nature’s sounds influence our ability to connect with the natural world. 

The project presents patterns of sounds of a river.

An audio recorder was employed to capture the sound of a river. The recorded sound was transformed into a digital spectrogram image by utilizing audio software. As a result, the spectrogram is translated into a pattern using the hand-knotted technique.

Running brook is an abstract hand-knotted carpet. The work addresses how the sounds of nature enhanced people’s perception of environmental surroundings.





Running brook | 2021

Pile composition | 100% pure wool

Technique | hand knotted

Origin | Iran  Kashan

Finishing | the carpets are hand washed, clipped and carved.

sizes |  150 × 200  cm

photography | Sahand Behrouzi